We hope that the website continues to grow, and we would love to hear your comments, but we would especially love to hear from people who want to share their memories of the hospital, and welcome contact from former staff and patients.

We are always keen to receive new photographs of the hospital, or copies of documents from the hospital. Please get in touch with us via email if you have anything you can let us use on this website. We can always scan any documents or photographs that you have, returning the originals to you.

We have been contacted by quite a few people who are trying to find out details of relatives who may have spent time at Bexley Hospital.

This website cannot help with those enquiries, as we have no access to any records but you might find the details below of use if you are searching for details:

London Metropolitan Archives

The records of Bexley Hospital were recently deposited in London Metropolitan Archive and have now been catalogued. They include:

  • medical superintendent's reports (1907-1916)
  • staff registers (1897-1944)
  • accounts and ledgers (1899-1939)
  • patient admissions and discharges (1899-1972)
  • case books (1899-1951)
  • medical registers (1898-1952)
  • post mortem books (1898-1949)
  • death registers (1907-1982)
  • burial registers (1900-1917)
  • civil registers (1910-1948)
  • mechanical restraint registers (1934-1961)
  • birth registers (1979-1986)
  • equipment books (1901-1902)
  • ward and office inventories (1901-1948)

In addition, hospital records are subject to a period of restricted access in order to protect the confidentiality of living individuals. It is therefore not possible for members of the public to consult records in person which contain information about patients who may still be alive.

Records more than 85 years old can be consulted in the London Metropolitan Archives archive study area by members of the public. You need to have a history card now to consult records at LMA which can be obtained on the registration link.

For further details of the London Metropolitan Archives, and the services they offer with regards to exporing your family history, visit the London Metropolitan Archives website.

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