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The Village on the Heath - A History of Bexley Hospital
Cynthia Pell - The Bexley Hospital Drawings
Rooms of Dust - The Search for my Father
The Village on the Heath
A History of Bexley Hospital
Cynthia Pell
The Bexley Hospital Drawings
Rooms of Dust
The Search for my Father
ISBN 0 9540947
ISBN 0 9535910 1 8
ISBN 1 4165 0255 6

Published in August 2004, the book is the result of several years of hard work from its authors Britta Von Zweigbergk and Michael Armstrong.

"The Village on the Heath" is for sale for £12.50 with all proceeds going to local art therapy projects. To purchase a copy please contact Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust, Pinewood House, Pinewood Place, Dartford, Kent DA2 7WG.








In July 1999 three artists, Natalie Dower, Paula Rego and Evelyn Williams, with Cynthia Pell's sister Barbara, arranged an exhibition at The Orleans House Gallery of all Cynthia's then known work.

The exhibition and an accompanying book (Cynthia Pell 1933-1977) attracted much media attention and a BBC Woman's Hour broadcast was heard by Britta Von Zweigbergk, the art therapist at Bexley Hospital.

She had known Cynthia as a patient and a friend and had kept 122 drawings done by her during the four years up to the time of her death.

Cynthia Pell - The Bexley Hospital Drawings is a companion to the earlier publication and, as well as reproducing many of the drawings, includes memories of Cynthia by those who cared for her while in hospital.

Purchase this book direct from the publishers here


A memoir published in 2005, and containing a lengthy section about the author's time working in Bexley Hospital.

Sarah Pat O'Brien's father walks out of her life when she is seven years old. All that remain are dreams of where he might be and when he will return to rescue the family from the poverty, disease and discrimination they suffer.

But he doesn't come back; and with the promise of a better life, they leave Dublin for England, like so many in the 1950s. Years on, when Sarah Pat has children of her own, her shadowy memories drive her to trace her father. A long and painful search reveals he was a soldier, a boxer, a poet - and a bigamist.



Bexley Hospital on Facebook - Memories of Bexley Hospital Facebook page
Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust
Eyeline Publications website- that has two books about the artist Cynthia Weldon (née Pell) and her work drawn at Bexley Hospital
Cynthia Weldon art from Bexley Hospital
A ‘Fisk’ out of Aqua picture - painted at Bexley Hospital in the 1950's
The Story of Lillian Ewins - who worked at Bexley Hospital just before the start of the Second World War
Index of English and Welsh Lunatic Asylums and Mental Hospitals - A Middlesex University resource by Andrew Roberts, includes some Bexley Hospital information
"Clinical Governance in the Asylum", which was based on the formal minutes of Bexley Hospital's Medical Staffing Committee
Asylum reports - London County Asylum, Bexley Heath (Report for the year ending March 31st, 1904)
History of Maypole - Homepage for those interested in the history of the area known as Maypole Estate, Dartford Heath, Kent, England. Includes a section on Baldwyns Manor
Dartford Living's Photos - Paintings by local artist Rob Leach at the Dartford Living Facebook page
Britta Von Zweigbergk - Bexley Hospital Archive page
High Royds Archive - Wonderful site about High Royds Hospital, that closed in 2003, and was used as the location for the 2005 film, 'Asylum' and TV series, 'Bodies'
Crossley Sanatorium - A Photographic Documentary. Excellent site with film footage and archive pictures
Mountain Sanatorium - fascinating US site for the Essex Mountain Sanatorium
Bethlem Royal Hospital Wikipedia page
Archives of the Maudsley Hospital
28dayslater - The UK Urban Exploration Forums (includes Hospital / Asylum Exploration)
Urban Decay - UK Photo based "Urban Decay" site - includes photos of UK & US Asylum's
Historic Medway - which has a feature on the old Medway Union Workhouse (which became All Saints' Hospital)
Mind - Mind, the mental health charity. Site contains informative blogs and excellent mental health resources, plus an email / telephone information line.
Minding Histories - Oral History Project organised by Mind in Bexley, that will include former residents of Bexley Hospital
Tony Kinson - other sites from the webmaster of this site
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